A refugee population is hungry for language and aware that anything can happen
Another red day
Red smoke above the red spires
If you persist in wearing your mask
It was murder
Engineer of his softness
Zeus looked
Holding it he drank
War record
The dog regarded him joyfully
He felt it all
Made the boy neck lean at an odd slow angle
He loved lightning
Geryon's end
He'd been robbed of his eyes
No it is not the true story
Helen's sexual misconduct
Unsavory aftermath
The whole landscape looks inside out
While the first snows of winter
Floated down on his eyelashes
And silenced all trace of the world
Inside is mine
This is the silent death hold
Their favorite meal
Otherwise he could live forever
The opposite of blindness
Yet I trust you
He burned in the presence of his mother
I guess I'm someone who will never be satisfied
Lava can move as slow as nine hours per inch
My heart aches when I am bad
Red patience
Sometimes I need a little privacy
Geryon please
I am a drop of gold he would say
Ravines of Hades
Joy to the world
Like snow
He wept most of the way
Tender Loin
It was raining on his face
Don't want to be free want to be with you
Riding boldly into nullity
Live, breathe, be happy, recover from sickness, become sane
Gripping the dark like prophets
Absence of disturbance
The moonless tank
Map of South America
Asleep, burning, yearning, dreaming, streaming, asleep
The etymology of Argentina
Halfway to Lima
Soiled white Saturday morning in Lima
I shall never amount to much (Lima seawall)
They drove up and up and up and up
I am disappearing, he thought, but the photographs were worth it
A terrible coldness
English is a bitch
The meek
Icchantikas is active yes
Like a root in the rain
All the same, he thought, I'd like to punch someone
He has not flown for years but why not
I mean the fire
Identity memory eternity your constant themes